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Great River is a unique brewery that combines a bright concept, authenticity and a bold approach to what you love. We produce signature drinks using raw materials grown in the Pskov region.


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We grow

Own hops in HOP-HOUSE

Hop-House is a unique building in its essence, designed to create a microclimate that is optimal for growing hops.
Our Hop-House grows hops from all over the world, from Russian to American varieties. All this takes place under the close supervision of our specialist hop growers using modern hydroponic systems.
Hop-House crops we use mainly for limited varieties. This approach allows us to put a piece of the Pskov soul into each of our products and make it unique.

in our team everyone contributes to the birth of an idea for a new variety

Production stages

The first stage is the selection of raw materials. We use high quality raw materials from domestic and foreign suppliers, as well as ingredients of our own production. When choosing components, we abstract from brands and prices, focusing only on the quality of products.

The second stage is the development of the recipe in our laboratory. The technologist brews several test batches, experimenting with the ingredients. Then the samples go to the blind tasting of our team members. We choose the best version, correct the shortcomings of the recipe and brew the trial batch again, taking into account all the changes.

The third stage - the creation of label design - goes in parallel with the development of the product. We have been working on the idea and concept for a long time so that the external component fully reflects the character and characteristics of the drink.

As part of the next stage, we go with the recipe to the main production, carry out brewing, taking into account all the scale and features of the equipment of a larger brewery. Each brewed batch is tasted again, and after approval by experts, the drinks are sent to the final consumer.

The fifth and final stage is sales and feedback. It is important for us not only to sell batches, but also to tell customers about the features of each product. That is why we are happy to hold tastings and presentations of lines in establishments.

After the release of the product, the team of our distributors collects feedback from all partners and guests. All wishes and ideas are transferred to the creator of the project - the chief technologist - who analyzes the data and finalizes the recipe.

We are not afraid to dive into the fast-flowing waters of the beer river in search of taste. We are developing dynamically, we are not afraid to swim into the deepest corners and look for what is hidden from most people. We plunge into a deep river depth to see the world hidden from the eyes of other people, and to get a chest with treasures of taste ashore.

«Great River» brewery

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